Before Landing Checklist

After getting the PR visa, we are supposed to complete our ‘record of landing’, on or before the Visa Expiry Date [mentioned on the visa]. The visa Expiry Date is related to EITHER*:
a) 1yr. from the meds, or
b) Passport expiry date of the PA or anyone of his/her accompanying Dependents
*Whichever of the above 2 is earlier.

It is the obligation of the PA to ‘land’ first. Which can be ‘alongwith’ one or more or all the accompanying family members. Let it be clear that the PA’s dependents CANNOT land first.

Irrespective of which city we chose to land, the ‘landing’ per se, is a simple process. Before debarking the a/craft we’ll be provided with a ‘Disembarkation Card/Form’. We take that form & first go to the ‘Passport Control’.

At the Passport Control:
Here we need to inform the IO that we have come to do our ‘landing’. The IO will check our Disembarkation Card and our passport/s & visa. S/he will then direct us to “Newly Landed Immigrants’ Counter”.

At the Immigration Counter:
The IO here will scrutinize our Passport/s & COPRs. He would [sometimes may not] ask to see our POF. Most of the times the officer will not count the ‘actual’ money & accept what we say. But, no false pretensions there. S/he will then fill some portions of the COPR & ask us to sign it, wherein it’ll be attached on our passport. We’ll be asked to fill-in the ‘PR Card Application Form’ & give an address where our PR cards will be forwarded within 3-6 weeks. Thereby, s/he would ‘Welcome us to Canada’ and direct us to another office.

At the Services Canada Office:
The Services Canada section is for assisting the Newcomers’ settlement moves. Here we’ll get lots of books/pamphlets, that’ll provide all the crucial info on Canada and our Settlement plan here. From here will be directed to the CBSA counter.

At the CBSA [Customs] Office:
This is an important location. We are required to present (1) List of Items Accompanying; (2) List of Goods to Follow; (3) Currency Declaration [We’d have to ‘declare’ any amount of $10K or more]. Lists-1 & 2 must be brought in 2 copies, one would be retained by CBSA and the 2nd copy will be returned back to us. We’ll need the 2nd copy when our shipments come-in.

Note: [1] If we are not bringing-in any goods later, we don’t need the ‘goods to follow list’. [2] At a random the CBSA might ‘actually’ check the POF here. Thus, no complacency is acceptable. [3] If there are ‘jewelry’ involved, do not forget to bring ‘Printed Photographs’ of the same (details later).

BTW: All the officers are extremely friendly, very understanding, cheerful and helpful. We’ll encounter ‘Welcome to Canada’ many a times. If all the docs are pre-printed & available with us; and there is not much of a queue, we will be out of the a/port in 40mins-1hr. flat. Which includes the walk-distance, baggage collection etc.

Even if you stay ONLY for a day at Canada, you will need the following:

1. Passport with stamped Visa. -off course
2. COPR (IMM 5292B)
3. POF. [for cases “without” AEO & family class] (details below)
4. Passport size photos. -2 or 3 for PRC (may not be needed, but good to have)
5. PR Card Application (IMM 5444E). -carry it filled pre-printed, for ease
6. Goods to Follow List (Form B4 / B4A). -carry it filled pre-printed, for ease
7. Goods Accompanying List. -as above, a table of things u r carrying on person (value & Totaled)
Forms required later
8. SIN Card Apps Form (NAS 2120). -Not Needed at the A/port [later at Services Canada]
9. Kids Immunization Record. -Not Needed at the A/port [later for School Admission]
10. If you are Driving your Car. -read below

NOTE: The more you are organized before hand, the better 1st impression you deliver and the IO/CBSA officer shall be happier. (BTW: smooth & fast processing). U’ll be out faster. Go to your accom & relax for the day, you had a long journey, haven’t you?