Landing Procedure Step by Step

From, hmisabpk.

I Landed at Toronto, Person International Airport (YYZ), Ontario,  Canada on 4th May 2010, by Britishairways flight # BA 0099 via London, at 18:20. (10 Minutes before schedule time, It was quit cold evening in Toronto)
The procedure was very smooth and very easy,  following are the details :

I was Greeted and welcomed by an Immigration officer and he stamped the passport and directed to go to the New Immigrant welcome counter and then follow the Customs counter.

1. I went to Immigration counter where the officer stamped my passport.

2. I went to the new Immigrant counter given my PR and passport to the officer on counter. He filled my paper and asks me to sing on different place on the form. He ask me my accommodation / residential address which I told him that at this time I can’t get may be it is inside in my luggage, but my consultant address was with me, he don’t want the consultant office address. So He gives me the PR form and advised to fill later and send by fax on the number (which was on Form)

3. I then proceeded to the Welcome Canada counter there were two counter and I went on both counter one by one, where I was given some pamphlets and books, instructions and a carry bag (on second counter) with regards to settling in Canada and free to go everywhere without paying any thing for government paper process.

4. I was offered help by a porter service company man to collect my luggage. With CAD $10, I was having only one luggage and hand carry. They charge $ 10 for first luggage and $2 for each additional luggage. You can take by yourself trolley and luggage to out without paying any thing.

5. I then proceeded to customs and the officer checked my passports and asked me the list of the goods to be followed and the goods carried along list. He ask me about the fund how much I am carrying, and in which form, I told him it is cash, CAD $ 11700, then he ask me to take out from envelope and show to him.  Then I kept back in my pocket. He checked the list of goods to follow there was jewellery’s value about CAD $10k, so he ask me if I have the picture of the jewellery’s, I was not having so he told me that get by e-mail and come tomorrow same building outside custom office and officer will stamp on the list and picture too for future use.

6.  He did not check the list or goods carried along with me, the process was completed in 15 minutes and I was out from the immigration door at 18:35 hours. It was really very pleasant landing experience, People are very nice, kind and warmly welcoming the immigrants on the airport.

7. I just went out and ask the porter to call my transport (Airport pickup) person and keep my trolley on mentioned place. After 20 minuets the car came and picks me and I was reach to my room within 30 minutes.

8. Next day with Gold / jeweler’s, picture and goods to follow list I went to the Airport custom office. Officer asks me to use the original forms (I was having the print out download from web site, which was not so clear). I fill the form with totaling the value in CAD Dollar, and brought back to him, he went inside and brought with computerized CBSA printed form and copy of all forms (Luggage with me, Hand carry and Goods to follow List by Cargo and arrive later after 2 week with my spouse and kids)

9. Later I went to Government Service office for my SIN (Social Insurance Number) and received a temp SIN number for myself, were informed that the SIN card would come in a couple of 2 weeks time on my address.

10. Next I went to the Bank CIBC bank, Costumer service officer explain me the different kind of account, I ask her which will be suitable for new Immigrant, She open the “CIBC Everyday Chequing account with standard benefits” (The account is Tax free savings account for once year). The debit card allows the CAD $ 500 per day cash withdraw and CAD $1000 purchases.

11. Next I went to Roger shop for Mobile Connection and got the SIM card for 10$ and 10$ air time credit, it prepaid only have to maintain the credit balance 20 $, no monthly fee, pay as you go rechargeable available in all stores, receiving and calling is same rate 39 cent and from 8pm to 8 am 1 cent including weekend (Saturday/Sunday). For International call use the calling card through your mobile or landline it is very cheap.

12. Checking for family apartment is going on in different areas.

13. Continued for the Job search (Please note you would need to modify your Resume to apply jobs in Canada refer This is the other side of the picture that our qualification and experience is not much valued, appreciated or accredited in Canada?? (Just my observation in few days)

14.  You will start receiving interview calls once you have a Canadian Address and a Canadian contact number on your resume. (I received calls on my cell and the on land line / residence number).

15. Scheduled for an interview today (Saturday 9th May) with a company. But I was unable to attend because of too cold and chill, I requested them to reschedule for Monday. (It is a survival job not related to my profession, and still I don’t know what they are going to offer me the job and salary)

16. Weather become very cold after rain, it is between 9-3 C, in Toronto, Good thing to have winter cloths with you before landing (wind chill is -4C and some areas of Ontario the Ice falling started again) .

17. Meet with many people those are straggling with housing and jobs problems, Dollar are flaying very fast from the packet and from hand every day. If you do not have any relative or friend in Canada It better to be go very economical. It will take some time to Adjust, Depend on your profession; it is taking about 6 – 12 month and more in some cases, to get settled properly. You may get survival job to manage but according to your qualification and profession it will take some time to get.

18. Apartments are in different rate from $ 800 – 1500, 1-2 bed room, it is better to see the location and neighborhood before you rent. Mostly People are living in the community, my advice do not rent through internet search because you do not know the area and neighborhood and on Google map every streets looks very beautiful (My personal opinion)
One more thing coming with family without any arrangement will have more expenses, better to come alone and arrange some house or apartment and then family can follow after few weeks, depend on your situation. (This is what I have done, because we do not have any friend or relative in Canada and Consultants are looking to get your all fund and saving at once for their great settlement help).

19. This was my Landing story, (still I am  in the guest house, safehomestay, Good people and area is also OK),
please pray for me to get settled ASAP, I am  getting tenses how to manages with very tough situation.
I pray for the success and best of luck for all forum members in their cases and future life in Canada.