Ontario Driver License Exchange

When you move to Ontario, you can use a valid licence from another country for 60 days.  After 60 days, you need to switch to an Ontario driver’s licence.



  • Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Isle of Man, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Taiwan

With 2+ years driving experience:

You only need to take an eye test.  After you pass this test, you get a full licence.


With less than 2 years driving experience you need to:

  1. Take an eye test
  2. Take one road test (the G2 road test). You will not be able to do the G2 road test right away. You need to wait until you gain two, full years of driving experience. For example, if you had a licence for 21 months in your home country, you can do the G2 road test after 3 months in Ontario.  After you pass the G2 road test, you get a full licence. While you wait, you can drive with your G1 licence, under certain conditions.


You need to provide the right documents, when you apply for an Ontario driver’s licence:

Proof of driving experience (from your local counsel back home)

You can self-declare one year of driving experience, by showing a valid, original foreign driver’s licence. If you want to earn credit for more than one year of driving experience, you will also need an official letter from the foreign government or agency that issued the driver’s licence, confirming that the licence is authentic.  This letter needs to be written in English or French.

How to apply

Apply in-person at a Drive Test centre or the Service Ontario College Park location in downtown Toronto.

You need to:

  1. take an eye test
  2. bring original identification showing your legal name, date of birth and signature
  3. bring your original, valid foreign driver’s licence
  4. bring any original supporting documents that show proof of your driving experience
  5. pay the applicable fees
  6. fill out an application form (where you will state how long you have been driving)


A foreign driver’s licence needs to:

  • Be valid
  • Display a visible expiry date
  • Be written in either English or French. If it is not, you need to get it translated by a certified

translator. The translation must be current – dated within six months of when you apply for an

Ontario licence.


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