PR CARDS (PRC): Your PR Card application (IMM 5444E) shall be done at the POE itself. It is part of the PR package [free] and the photos & details will be the same as you supplied for the PPR. Our PR Card/s come back to us via regular post mail,Read More →

MONEY: PROOF OF LANDING FUNDS: What Proofs Are Acceptable? If you are carrying more than C$10,000, tell a Canadian official when you arrive in Canada. If you do not tell an official, you may be fined or put in prison. These funds could be in the form of: • CashRead More →

SHORT STAY ACCOMMODATION: For sure you must arrange a ‘short-stay’ accommodation prior to your landing. The necessity of which cannot be overemphasized more. If you have friends/relatives, they can be approached for the same, if you do not have anyone, the following is recommended: Toronto: 1) 2) *BothRead More →

WHEN SHOULD WE ‘LAND’: After getting the PR visa, we are supposed to complete our ‘record of landing’, on or before the Visa Expiry Date [mentioned on the visa]. The visa Expiry Date is related to EITHER*: a) 1yr. from the meds, or b) Passport expiry date of the PARead More →

Generally, the school year runs from September (the day after Labor Day) to the end of June for elementary and secondary schools and from early September to the end of April for universities. There are some exceptions, however. Some public schools in Canada have been experimenting with all-year schooling withRead More →